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Coming Programs in 2015

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June 10

The History of the Packard-Littlefield Farm

Packard Littlefoeld Farm

More June program details.

July 8

Factory Night – Worumbo, Farwell, Farnsworth, Fiber

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More July program details.

August 12 

Charles Plummer

More August program details.

September 9

Lisbon Area Social Clubs Will Be Highlighted in Lisbon Historical Society Talk 

More September Program Details    

October 14

November 11    

Crafters Night

December 9

Christmas Party

(On tap but not yet scheduled:

1. Slovak families and heritage – Deeb Keamy;

2. Social Clubs – Lobster, Shakespeare, Progressive, Bearers of Cheer, Shining Light, Left Hand, etc.) – Merton Ricker